Patented Pending
Very detailed engineering configuration for long uses of product allowing efficient cleaning. Brushes made of factory standard bristles that are scratch proof and durable for commercial use or individual use. Also, safe for all types of paint meaning; no worrying of scratching paint.
Efficient Cleaning
The Beaux Brush is comprised of soft bristles that can clean up to 20" in just one section. This enables the user a nice clean detail look. The trigger function controls the speed for those spots that are more compacted with dirt or debris. The Beaux Brush cleans with ease.
Easy to Use
The Beaux Brush is alarmingly easy to use. Simply input washing solution of choice, hook the hose up, turn the power on, place finger on the trigger, and apply the brush to the desired area or areas for your detail clean.
Hand-Crafted Design
Designed by a team of engineers. The end goal is to ensure that all users can use and is comfortable without compromising the users' posture. Allowing the end user to eliminate wasted movement. The Beaux Brush, is designed for all ages and sexes!

The Beaux Brush Story

The initial idea for the Beaux Brush came from a school bus driver, Mr. Lockett. Part of Mr. Lockett's responsibilities is keeping his school bus clean which at times could be a challenge when driving on long dirty roads every day.

Mr. Lockett took pride in his work and is known for keeping the cleanest bus for the students to enjoy to and from school.

After countless hand washings, spending endless hours enduring body aches and frustrations due to hand washing his bus, he knew there had to be a better way. Better ways not only for himself but also for the other drivers that have to work hard driving safely and keeping a clean bus too.

After calling up a friend, Anthony Oliver, Mr. Lockett proposed to Anthony, "why not have a longer brush ". Anthony instead proposed "why not have a moving brush to make it even easier to clean than have a longer brush to wash".

Anthony became the head engineer and reached out to another engineer by the name of Ken Echols. The two had long countless hours sharing ideas and designing.

After planning, building, strategizing and designing, this small idea has grown into something we here at Beaux Brush are proud to be a part of!

Please welcome the Beaux Brush not only for your washing needs but into your life as well!

  • "I cant wait to use your brush, I went to the automatic car wash and scratched my car."


  • "I need this to enable me to start my own business."


  • "I can't wait to purchase this, no more expensive car washes!"


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