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The One Brush

The One Brush

The one brush conveniently cleans and ideal for SUVs, Trucks, Mid-size cars, large windows, medium size boats and more.

The one brush is attached to our durable pole that allows you to reach the vehicle without having to be close to the vehicle. It allows the user to see the area from a safe view and to see the cleaning area while cleaning. It also allows the user to see a cleaner unit at the end of the wash.

The one brush consists of a trigger, a battery, and a motor to help clean with ease. Simply hook up the water hose to the attachment add your soap of choice and turn on the unit and water and off to washing you go.

The brush can clean up to 14" when fully compressed to allow a wide cleaning area. Do not worry about scratching your prized possession. We are using boar bristles that are not only durable but also soft for all surfaces and will not scratch the apparatus being washed.

The Boar bristles will not only clean a large area but will also lift the dirt away from your vehicles by the use of the soap coming out on top and into the surface while you control the speed of the brush moving in 360 degrees pattern.

Afterward for the cleaning, just use the water hose to rinse the bristles to ensure no dirt, rocks or other debris are left within the bristles and place on the charger for the next use if needed.

The Two Brush

The One Brush

The two brush also known as Dual Brushes was our first version and gave us the family of the Beaux Brushes.

The ideal uniqueness of the two brush is that once fully compressed on the vehicle, you can clean up to 21" in one motion. This not only saves you a lot of time but also gives you a very detailed look with our board bristles. The two brush consists of two motors and two brushes. Once the trigger is pulled these motors will turn in 360 degrees while rotating clockwise.

The two brush is designed to wash in detail large vehicles like, buses, 18 wheelers, tractors, airplanes, Vans, RVs, boats, flatbeds and even some of your farm animals.

Simply wet the vehicle, add your soap of choice, attached the water hose and turn on the water and BAM. You have just inherited one of the best washing systems ever. It will save time, money and most of all anyone can use it. When done unhook the hose and wash off the brittles and place on a charger if needed.

Hand Brush

The One Brush

Welcome to the hand brush. The hand brush is manufactured precisely to enable the user swift and quick washing of your vehicle or choice apparatus.

The hand brush was designed for the person or people who like to dip their towel or sponge in a bucket of water and wash.

With the one brush, you can do the same and there is a button when pressed the bristle turns giving you an 11" wash area.

Welcome to washing with the use of the one brush where it is fun, efficient, detail and quick.

It's waterproof and powered by lithium-ion brush. You simply charge with a USB cable and you're done.